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Our mission is to raise funds for the construction of a permanent facility to house abused,
neglected, abandoned and homeless dogs in Jackson County and to place them in loving homes.


The goal is to build a new county dog shelter that will be managed by the
Jackson County Sheriffs Department and maintained by inmates from the jail.








     In 2008, a canine control program was started by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Red Sky Rescue was contracted as a temporary solution to house the dogs and place them in homes. Ruth Riley of Red Sky Rescue forged her way through many obstacles to bring this project through its beginning stages. It is from her continued efforts that we hope to build a facility that will be a lasting legacy of her efforts and those of Red Sky Rescue volunteers. To build on practices already in place, the new shelter will continue to be a low-kill facility with the assistance of inmate workers to care for the dogs and the building. With Ruth’s guidance and her 93% success rate on placing dogs we hope to find homes for all deserving dogs in Jackson County.

>Tax deductible donations can be made to the “Jackson County Dog Shelter” fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson County, 107 Community Drive, Seymour, IN 47274

> If you are not prepared to donate now, pledges payable by December 31, 2016 are also being accepted.

> Bricks, blocks and markers can be purchased to remember a favorite pet or pet lover in your life.

> Volunteers to serve on various committees are also needed. You can volunteer by calling 812-525-9367 or by responding on the “Jackson County Dog Shelter” Facebook page.

> There is also naming rights avail-able to a major sponsor. Please call Debbie Hackman 812-525-9367 to discuss availability and options.

> Red Sky Rescue, the shelter cur-rently accepting dogs for the county program is always in need of donations and volunteers. Please call 812-216-6310 to volunteer.

Q. Where will be shelter be built?

A. The building will be built on County Road 25 East, Brownstown. It will be behind the Jackson County Jail.

Q. How many dogs will the shelter house?

A. The current design has room for up to 200 dogs with separate isolation areas for incoming dogs and dogs with pups.

Q. Who will be running the shelter?

A. The shelter will be overseen by the county sheriff.

Q. Who will be working at the shelter?

A. The county canine officer, volunteers and inmate workers (under supervision) will be performing all duties to care for the dogs.

Q. Will this be a no-kill shelter?

A. Our goal will be to save and adopt as many dogs as possible. Unfortunately, there will be some aggressive dogs or animals that have medicals issues that will be beyond our means to save. We will work with Red Sky Rescue to continue their tradi-tion of adopting as many dogs as possible.

Q. Will the inmates be in the shelter during adoption times?

A. No, the inmates will only be there in the morning and after noon to clean kennels, feed the dogs and oversee exercise times. Adoption time for the public will be set at times when no inmates are in the building.

Q. What kind of veterinary care will the dogs receive?

A. General veterinary care includes deworming, vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, spaying or neutering.

Q. Why can’t the shelter take cats?

A. The facility needed to house cats can not be sustained by the county at this time.



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Jackson County Dog Shelter


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