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Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funds for the construction and maintenance of a facility to house abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless dogs in Jackson County, Indiana, and to place them in permanent, loving homes.

Our goal is to build a dog shelter that will be managed by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

Our History


In 2008, a canine control program was started by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Red Sky Rescue was contracted as a temporary solution to house these dogs until they could be placed in homes. 

Ruth Riley of Red Sky Rescue and other volunteers continue to care for and house these dogs until the shelter can be completed and operational. 


 Our amazing team of dedicated volunteers are committed to helping the dogs of Jackson County. We take our passion for dogs and turn it into action. We've accomplished so mich since 2008, thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community! 

Jackson County Dog Shelter

Helping Jackson County Help The Dogs!